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21 Jul 2024 Sun 02:09 PM

General FAQ Game and Betting Issues

Q1: How to join M99win?
A1: You can click "Join" button directly. After you fill in the data, you can immediately register as a member of M99win.

Q2: Can I deposit directly on the Internet?
A2: Yes, M99win offers a variety of online deposit options. We accept cash deposit, online transfer and you can make your payment through online payment gateway.

Q3: Where can I find the rules of the game?
A3: Before you log in, you can see the "Game Rules" option on the outermost layer of the game, clearly telling you how to play, rules and pay-outs. In the game window, there are also "rules" options, so that you can bounce windows to remind you of the rules of the game while enjoying the fun of the game.

Q4: Can I just try it without betting?
A4: We sincerely invite you to register your membership account for free. After logging in, you can browse all the games!

Q5: What is the minimum deposit to join and play?
A5: Minimum deposit to play is MYR 30 for all games.

Q6: What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
A6: Minimum withdrawal amount is MYR 50 per transaction. What is the maximum amount I can withdraw in a day? Maximum withdrawal amount is MYR 30,000 per day in 1 transaction.

Q7: How long does it take for my deposit to approve?
A7: Usually less than 5 minutes, if all details are correctly submitted.

Q8: What if I forget my password?
A8: You can click the forgot password function on the homepage, fill in the email you left, and you can retrieve the password you originally set. When you are unable to receive emails, you can also contact the 24-hour online customer service to assist in retrieving your account password.